Write a New Story for Haiti with Handmade Burlap Journals

Some of the greatest stories and literature ever produced come straight from personal journals and diaries. We came to know much about Nazi Germany’s oppression through the ink of Anne Frank. We are aware of the events of Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted partly because of a journal kept by an elder named Pliny. Mark Twain kept a journal while traveling Europe and the Holy Land that eventually became one of the best selling books of all time called "Innocents Abroad". The diaries of theologians like Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley to Jonathan Edwards and John Owen give us an intimate glimpse into some of the most God saturated minds in the history of the world. Christian journaling is now variously called a spiritual discipline, which is helpful in meditating on and understanding God’s word more clearly. 

Handmade Journals Help Haiti

Artisan Benson Thermidor from Haiti understands the creative and spiritual benefits that this activity can provide. For years he had been binding songbooks, Bibles, and other items for his friends when a local non-profit asked Benson if he would be willing to teach his craft to others in the village who were in need of jobs. As a result of this connection, his business has increased in size to employ twenty-five men and women, and also provide a full-sized workshop as a place to produce handmade burlap journals

Create Jobs for Artisans

Although the country of Haiti has an unemployment rate of 40%, the artisans who handmade these journals have steady work to provide for their families. The profits from these fair trade products are put back into the effort of offering life transformation to developing world communities; in addition, the artisans crafting these journals make a profit for themselves and their families, which helps lift them out of poverty. Each journal is made with a slightly different design, hand bound and crafted from recycled coffee bags. By purchasing this journal, you will be helping to provide jobs for people like Benson as well as fund life transformation in other developing world communities. Find this journal and other beautiful products in our fair trade shop
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Adam McConnell
Adam McConnell