Handmade Journals for Capturing the Moments of your Life

There is something powerful about being able to document and preserve the significant moments in life. It is special to be able to photograph a wedding, or film a child’s first steps, and it is equally significant to be able to capture the words that define such events.

While a spiral notebook or legal pad can serve the purpose, a beautiful journal provides a wonderful home for such thoughts, and can culminate in a book worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. 

Although, there are countless journal options available we are excited to offer unique burlap journals from Haiti. These journals are handmade by Benson Thermidor and his fellow artisans out recycled coffee bags. Each journal is one of a kind, and the perfect option for capturing the important moments of your life. Or perhaps you might consider giving journals as gifts, to friends and family members as they enter into new seasons of life. Give one to a new parent, a graduating senior, or newly married couple. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

What makes purchasing one of these journals even more significant, is that you will be helping to fund life transformation in communities struggling with unemployment rates nearing 40%. While this statistic is hard to fathom, it is a reality for many families. However it doesn’t have to be this way, and you can play an important role in changing this reality. Who knows, you might just find helping these Haitian communities worthy of the very first post in your brand new burlap journal. 

Visit our fair trade shop to find these as well as our leather snap journals to capture the moments of your life. 

David Miles
David Miles