The Shirt on Your Back: Fair Trade Clothing in Ethical Fashion

John Nyarwa—the proprietor of RWA Group Ltd., a registered Ugandan company—is courageous enough to face, and overcome, poverty. He is providing jobs for people in Kampala, Uganda. RWA Group, Ltd. is based on Christian values, and John is in business because he wants to create jobs for the young people of Kampala. 

Ethical Clothing Production

With very little resources, John Nyarwa opened his own screen-printing company, which prints shirts and hats. He sourced his materials locally and procured the right equipment to produce these fair trade clothing products in an ethical way. Following that, he earnestly worked to hone his process. John then worked with several non-profits and other companies on some smaller locally focused projects. It was shortly after these projects that Jesus’ Economy was introduced to John through a pastor friend who lives in Kampala, Uganda.

When we became friends with John, he wasn’t able to hire more workers. But this was in no way John’s fault—the opportunities simply weren’t available. John needed a new partner to make this happen. Today, we're moving towards that goal with John.

Jesus’ Economy partnered with John to design and create our own t-shirts. KarBel Multimedia, Jesus’ Economy’s creative team, created the initial design and then we honed in the final format with John.

RWA and Our Fair Trade Clothing Shop

The t-shirts we have today are beautiful and super comfortable. They also represent the power of fair trade and direct trade. There are few things that I am more excited about than Jesus’ Economy’s fair trade t-shirts because they represent how our interconnected world can be leveraged to create jobs, churches, and meet basic needs. Every dollar of profit is reinvested. And at the moment we purchase products from a company like RWA Group, Ltd., the company makes a profit—so they can empower others.

Through John’s work with Jesus’ Economy, RWA Group Ltd. is working to create jobs in Uganda. We’re proud to be his partner.

Learn more about our men’s and women’s t-shirts at our fair trade shop.

John Barry
John Barry


CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the author/coauthor of 12 books and General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary.