Fair Trade Clothing Funds Life Transformation

When is purchasing a t-shirt more than just purchasing a t-shirt? When it helps to provide jobs and livable wages for young people living in the middle of poverty.
This is precisely the type of t-shirt purchase that we offer you. Each Jesus’ Economy t-shirt is not only great looking and very comfortable, it is also a tool for bringing hope and transformation to the lives of young people in Uganda. 

Ethical Clothing Production in Uganda

It’s easy to walk into a department store and purchase clothing not knowing the conditions under which it was made, or the wage received by the laborers. However, when you buy a Jesus’ Economy t-shirt, you are buying fair trade clothing that is also made in an ethical clothing production environment guided by Christian values. 
Ethical clothing production is important to us—we are excited that you have the opportunity to participate in the process. So we invite you to purchase a shirt—you will not just have the wonderful feeling of wearing a great looking shirt, you will know that your shirt represents the power to change lives for the better.
Join the movement and make the world a better place one job at a time by purchasing a t-shirt from our fair trade shop

David Miles
David Miles