Unemployment in Uganda and the Hope of the African Economy

Unemployment among young people in Uganda currently hovers at around 33%—and this poverty in Africa is not a problem that’s going away overnight. Despite a relatively healthy economy and the many organizations working to help Ugandan young adults find jobs, the situation has continued to worsen. The Ugandan Finance Minister stated in the national 2011/2012 budget that the country’s economy was projected to absorb only 20% of its youth.

Unemployment of Uganda's Youth

Youth unemployment and underemployment in Uganda is a symptom common throughout the developing world, as well as the developed world (post the economic crisis). As a result, lately the effects of youth unemployment on society have been studied with greater attention. These studies have shown that in countries where young people are unable to find stable work, it consistently takes longer for them to marry, begin families, and contribute to stable communities.

Fight Unemployment in Africa and Beyond

But there is a way to reverse the damage being done to Uganda’s youth and the country’s future. The most effective way to support job growth is further education, job training, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Here at Jesus’ Economy, we believe in supporting enterprising men and women who put the profits from their business directly back into their local economies, training employees, and providing jobs at fair wages. We believe this is the solution to youth unemployment and underemployment.

To read about one such entrepreneur, check out the story of John Nyarwa, who runs his own screen-printing business in Kampala, Uganda and is working to employ and train other young people.



Sara Gering
Sara Gering