Why are you a Jesus’ Economy Advocate?

Just as we at Jesus’ Economy are passionate about our mission, Jesus' Economy Advocates are individuals passionate about seeing this mission capture hearts in their communities through sharing it with others. They are located all over the world—united by their commitment to help churches be planted, jobs created, and communities restored in developing areas. 
Today, we are featuring Amy Imes, an Advocate from the Seattle area. She is a wife and a mom of three (a four-year-old son, two-year-old son, and seven-month-old daughter), who teaches Sunday school and helps lead worship at Evergreen Community Church in Renton, Washington. Through her Christmas shopping this year, Amy is connecting her passion of loving her family well with her passion for making Jesus’ name known across the world.
JE: Why are you a Jesus’ Economy advocate?
Amy: I decided to become a Jesus' Economy Advocate because I want people to know that there is an easy way they can help plant churches, create jobs, and meet needs in developing areas. If all it takes is using some of our spending power (whether great or small) to help others know about how much God loves them and to create solid communities, then more people need to know about it. I feel blessed to help.
What excites me most about Jesus' Economy is that it shows a living example of Philippians 4:19: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."  I also like that Jesus’ Economy has a plan to give people in developing areas more than just a sermon on Sunday. We know that Jesus cares about our spiritual needs, but he cares about our everyday needs, too. After all, he did feed the 5,000 and heal the sick.
JE: Why did you decide to make a purchase from Jesus' Economy?
Amy: I decided to make a purchase from Jesus' Economy because I want to do more than just buy “stuff” this Christmas season. I felt blessed to have the opportunity to give a beautiful, handmade gift to a loved one, and share God's love with another person in this world. … I'm very pleased with what I purchased. The gifts are unique and well-made!
JE: Is there an artisan or story that has especially resonated with you?
Amy: The story that resonated with me the most is the story behind Hope Art and their bracelets.  I’m so encouraged when people use what they have to help others. These Zambian women live in poverty, their husbands have died, and some are HIV positive. And yet, they have found a way to help fund their local orphanage. If they can make a difference, we can too!
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Celeste Reppond
Celeste Reppond