12 Ways to Live the Christmas Spirit: #1 Care for the Church


Christmas becomes many things it is not meant to be—commercialized, painful for those with troubled pasts, or just downright stressful. We want to help you change that this year by providing you with 12 ways that you can live the Christmas spirit.

Each day leading up to Christmas, we will share a way that you—and hopefully your friends and family too—can restore a bit of what Christmas is meant to be, a day that celebrates Jesus entering the world.

Way #1 to Live the Christmas Spirit: Care for the Church

Healthy churches can alleviate corruption in our societies, prompt us to live more like Jesus each day, and provide us with a community. God meant for us to be people that live and work together. From the very beginning we are told that we’re not meant to be alone (Genesis 2:18)—we’re meant to co-labor with others in God’s work in the world.

But for all this goodness to occur, we must each care for the church. I’m not talking about buildings—I’m talking about each of us. We, as Christ followers, are the church. There are few things that are a greater blessing than being involved in the lives of others: knowing how others feel, what we can do for them, and watching that pay dividends in their life.

What If Caring for the Church Was Global?

We should each be actively caring for people in our congregations, as well as our pastors. We must care for those locally. But what if our care for the church also extended globally?

Infographic: Caring for the Church Globally
View the full-size infographic about our church planting efforts.


How You Can Live the Christmas Spirit Today

Today, you can bless someone in your church by simply picking up the phone and asking them how they’re doing. Or, you could simply shoot your pastor an email, mentioning one thing you appreciate about him or her. Your effort may bring comfort to someone who is struggling—you could be the love of God someone needs to feel today.

Care for the church today. Show someone the love of Jesus. And let us know how it goes in the comments.

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John Barry
John Barry


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