12 Ways to Live the Christmas Spirit: #4 Invest in Others

I have never felt more selfish than when writing a Christmas wish list. I know these lists are meant to help others find gifts we really want—and in that way, I guess they're fine—but isn’t thinking about ourselves the opposite of what Christmas is about?

How Should We Think about Christmas?

Christmas is about God coming to earth to be among us—as His Son, living as a person, in the flesh (Luke 1–3). And Jesus takes on human form with full knowledge that He will suffer and die at the end of it all (Isaiah 52:13–53:12).

God makes the ultimate investment in us by coming to earth—boldly proclaiming in spectacular action that He believes that we are worth redeeming.

Our response to Christmas should first be repentance and belief in Jesus, but second, investing in others as He did (and does) with us.

#4 Way to Live the Christmas Spirit: Invest in Others

Today you have an opportunity to invest in someone else. Today, you can go out of your way to find someone who needs mentorship—a hand up in the world.

Although meeting someone’s basic needs is a moving action, I’m talking about a longer investment.

Who do you know that you could teach and serve? Perhaps this means finally getting involved in youth or college ministry, to invest in younger people, or maybe it just means reaching out to that younger friend or new Christian and being intentional about having coffee with them regularly to talk about life.

Thinking Locally and Globally

After you have thought about what you can do locally, take a minute to consider what you can also do globally.

Could you invest in microloans? Could you use some skills you have to teach another person overseas that same skill set? Here at Jesus’ Economy, investing in others is a core principle of what we're about. To help you think globally about investing in others, we created several infographics.

How Jesus' Economy Thinks Globally
See the full-size infographic here.

Now, go make it happen. Invest in someone. You could be the person that someone cites for the rest of their life as the reason they were able to overcome that horrific time, get back on their feet again, or simply succeed. Show someone the power of Jesus here and now.

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John Barry
John Barry


CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the author/coauthor of 12 books and General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary.