Two People We're Proud to Know: Announcing Our T-Shirt Winners

Every once in a while we get the chance to give something away—and we love it when we can make that happen. But even better than giving something away is watching the recipient’s reaction and getting a chance to hear their story. We enjoyed hearing the stories of our two recent Jesus’ Economy fair trade t-shirt winners and we thought you would too.

Sean Post, Academic Dean of Adelphia Bible School

Sean aims to live in a way that stirs up imagination for the Kingdom of God. He and his family live and work on the campus of Adelphia Bible School—a one-year residential program for adults. Sean also owns and operates a coaching practice where he partners with business and ministry leaders. Some of his favorite spare time activities include reading action-packed fiction with his family, playing city league basketball for the Monstars, and making slow progress on his doctorate.

Shortly after winning his t-shirt, Sean also became a Jesus’ Economy advocate—someone who regularly tells their friends about Jesus’ Economy. As such, we asked him why he supports Jesus’ Economy. Here’s his response:

“As a citizen of God’s Kingdom, I’m troubled by the disparity between the way things are in our world and the way things should be. The essence of Jesus’ Kingdom is bridging that disparity by creating ‘what ought to be.’ Jesus’ Economy is fulfilling that calling by creating jobs and churches. As this mission moves forward on different parts of the globe, people are beginning to experience what they were made for: enjoying God and His Kingdom as they increasingly reflect His image in everyday life.”

Chuck McKnight, Editor and Blogger

Chuck McKnight was born on the island of Jamaica to missionary parents, and is the oldest of four. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a BS in Information Technology, and for several years worked for Answers in Genesis as a web content editor, where he met his wife. He now works for Logos Bible Software in Bellingham, Washington. He is passionate about the church, theology and Christian living, and writes extensively on his blog,

As you can see, Chuck graciously modeled his Jesus’ Economy t-shirt for us.

We hope Chuck McKnight's and Sean Post's stories inspire you. Go do something awesome for Jesus today! And Chuck and Sean, thanks for sharing your story with us.

And if you like Chuck's awesome shirt, you can pick up your Jesus' Economy fair trade t-shirt today.

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Celeste Reppond
Celeste Reppond