Why You Bought What You Bought—Customer Feature: Chrissy Leschak

The stories you all tell us regularly inspire us. We love hearing why you buy from Jesus’ Economy and about how you’re living for Jesus.

This past October, Jesus’ Economy was at the San Antonio Women’s Connection event “Mind Your Business,” selling fair trade products to early Christmas shoppers. Chrissy Leschak coordinated the event—we recently interviewed Chrissy to hear why she made a purchase from Jesus’ Economy and what she thought about having us at the event.

Originally from South Carolina, Chrissy was a healthcare administrative manager for 12 years. She is now a full-time wife, mother, and grandmother, who feels blessed to call San Antonio, Texas home. Chrissy is actively involved with her local church and other organizations.

JE: Why did you buy from Jesus' Economy?

Chrissy: As a Christian, I feel a strong pull toward spreading God's Word. I do my best to support organizations that desire to bring God's Word to both local regions and other countries. It takes brave and special people to be committed to growing God's Kingdom and fostering economic growth in impoverished areas. It also takes a dedication and a true love of the Lord to stay focused and committed to reaching out to others. Being a small part of this brings joy to my heart, knowing that I also hold a part in spreading God's Word through my contribution.

I chose to purchase items from Jesus' Economy because not only are they all handmade, but they demonstrate high quality and required significant time and effort—the items the artisans produce are amazing.

JE: Can you tell us about what you bought and what you think of it?

Chrissy: I loved every item that I purchased. I purchased a lovely pair of hand-hammered aluminum earrings with beautifully crafted beads made from recycled paper from Haiti, a bracelet made from paper beads from Zambia, and a Jesus Economy t-shirt from Uganda. I'm stunned by the intricacy and beauty of the jewelry, and feel so blessed to have been able to come by such artistry. I proudly wear the Jesus’ Economy t-shirt to promote what this wonderful group is doing.

Hand hammered aluminum earrings

JE: As an event coordinator, can you tell us what working with Jesus’ Economy was like?

Chrissy: It was a pleasure to have Jesus' Economy as one of our vendors. The table hostess was not only a strong Christian, but an effervescent individual with great communication and organizational skills. She was very proud of what Jesus' Economy stands for, and promoted the values with grace and fun. As a member of an organization that allows both secular and non-secular businesses to interact and participate, it was wonderful to experience the joy that comes through seeing someone share what they believe brings others to a better place.

The core values of Jesus' Economy resonate within the artisans represented as well as through the founders. Through their work, they are bringing hope to those who may otherwise not have any.

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Celeste Reppond
Celeste Reppond