Fair Trade in Haiti's City of Independence

Gonaives, a small city in northern Haiti, is known as the City of Independence: It was from that location, in 1804, that a leader of the revolution first declared Haiti’s independence from France. Now the City of Independence is witnessing a resurgence of growth and true freedom.

Freedom through Fair Trade

2nd Story Goods—Jesus’ Economy’s partner in Haiti—helps artisans learn business skills and form cooperatives. Through their efforts, local master artisans are teaching others to produce beautiful, handmade products to sell around the world.

Fair Trade Messenger Bag Provides Hope

Second Story's burlap messenger bags are created as part of a program called Trade School Haiti, which coordinates workshops to teach sewing skills to people in Gonaives.

Philipe, pictured here, is the sewing instructor for the women who stitch the burlap messenger bags. Each bag is made from reclaimed burlap and leather and inscribed with a message of hope from its maker, for the bag’s future owner.

By supporting the artisans of 2nd Story Goods, you provide hope and freedom to people in one of the world’s most impoverished countries.

Sara Gering
Sara Gering