Supporting Fair Trade Artisans via Events: What Customers Are Saying

Here at Jesus’ Economy, we value our customers and their stories. We enjoy learning more about the person behind the purchase, and why they chose to support our efforts to create jobs in the developing world.

This is one of the main reasons why we love being at events. They give us a chance to connect in person with customers, introduce new people to our efforts, and build new friendships. 

Specializing in Handmade: The Backstory of a Fantastic Event

This past December, Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, Virginia hosted a Holiday Handmade craft fair for local and international artisans to sell their work. The purpose was to not only give artisans a platform to show their work, but to unite talented artisans in and around the church community. Adam McConnell, Online Marketing Consultant for Jesus’ Economy at the time, set up a booth to display the handmade and fair trade work of Jesus' Economy's international artisan partners.

"I Like the Cause"

Brianna Jimenez, a Richmond native, stumbled upon the booth while Christmas gift shopping at the fair. We recently asked Brianna about her purchase.

"I bought two different pairs of earrings, a bracelet cuff, and a couple of Christmas cards," said Brianna. "I like the cuff a lot, and I like the cause behind it even more. The teardrop earrings I bought for my sisters, and have seen them wearing them."

Event Hosts Love Jesus' Economy

Brianna is not the only person made happy by our presence at events: We recently told the story of event hostess Chrissy Leschak right here on our blog. Chrissy graciously welcomed Jesus' Economy at an event in San Antonio, Texas and kindly complimented us on our efforts, presentation, and representative.

We would love to be invited to your event. In addition, our Founder and CEO John D. Barry speaks at events regularly about how best to help the impoverished, and would love to hear from you. Learn more here.

Invite us to your event by emailing us at or filling out our contact form here.

Celeste Reppond
Celeste Reppond