I Cannot Rest until Bihar, India is Renewed

Ever since visiting Bihar, India this last summer, I haven't slept well. I regularly wake up thinking about what we could do to empower people in Bihar to transform their community. I recently had the opportunity to tell Trinity Bible Church in Richardson, Texas (near Dallas) about my passion for seeing hope, hearts, and homes renewed in Bihar, India.

Creating Jobs and Churches in Bihar, India

I believe that collectively, we can renew Bihar India. I believe that we can offer hope and empowerment to the people of Bihar. Join me in doing so.

The Power of Hospitality

When at Trinity Bible Church in Richardson, we experienced incredible hospitality and generosity, at the invite of Pastor Jeff Miller. The Christians at Trinity inspired me to be more hospitable, so I also share that word with you today: Be hospitable to someone today and watch the difference it will make in their life and the lives of others. While at Trinity, I also experienced the moving preaching of Pastor Jeff Miller, which I encourage you to listen to here.

If you would like to host Jesus' Economy at your next event, let me know, by emailing me at john@jesuseconomy.org. All we ask for is five minutes and to let the Spirit do the rest.

John Barry
John Barry


CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the General Editor of the highly acclaimed Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary. His new book is Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change. It is widely endorsed by Christian leaders from around the world.