4,000 Get Access to Clean Water, Thousands about to Hear the Gospel

Due to donors like you, 4,000 people will gain access to clean water very soon: Two water wells for Bihar, India are now fully funded. One church planter is also fully funded for a year; a second church planter is nearly funded. And the training/administration costs to support two church planters for a year are also funded.

Jesus' Economy is about to kick off the Renew Bihar, India project. Every dollar you donated to water wells and church planting will be transferred to Bihar soon, and then the work will begin. We're also appropriating all community transformation donations, and general Renew Bihar fund donations, to kick start the renewal. We're excited to tell you the stories as the work begins and progresses.

Birthdays Fund Access to Clean Water

Thanks to two hilarious, but also very moving, birthday dedications—plus some additional individual contributions—our first water well in Bihar, India was funded. It is because donors like you got behind the causes of your friends, and gave up your birthdays and finances, that this is possible.

Sara Gering's birthday dedication raised $370, enough for 740 people to have access to clean water.

Marty Mitchell's birthday dedication raised another $300, enough for 600 people to have access to clean water.

In addition to these two projects, we saw another $330 come in of individual contributions towards water wells, providing for the remainder. One dollar equals two people with access to clean water.

Donor's Work Bonus Fully Funds a Water Well

One very generous donor received a work bonus and decided to outright fund a water well. This was especially moving, since Jesus' Economy staff were praying just the day before this donation came in that a second water well could be funded. Jesus' Economy staff realized that it wouldn't be long before two church planters were funded, and thus prayed that Jesus' Economy would be able to empower the second church planter to bring clean water to the area he would be serving. Now, this is possible.

One Church Planter Funded for a Year; a Second Almost Funded

There are over 101 million people in Bihar, India who have never heard the name of Jesus. To change this, individuals have been donating towards church planting.

In addition, since Jesus' Economy is focusing on funding church planting in conjunction with water wells at the moment—because those are the parts of the Renew Bihar project we can get off the ground right now—we're also appropriating funds from our community transformation donations towards church planting. (The community transformation fund is always appropriated to current gaps in our regional transformation projects; the Renew Bihar general fund likewise covers gaps in this specific project.) When you combine the donations to community transformation, Renew Bihar's general fund, and donations to church planting in general, there is enough to fully fund a church planter for a year. (Our goal is three years of funding per planter, but funding one year gets things started.) In addition, a second church planter is also nearly funded.

We're only $1,393 away from having a second church planter funded for a year. Help us make it happen. Jesus' Economy's goal is that this second church planter will be funded for a year within the next seven days. Donate to church planting and help give thousands access to the gospel. Our church planters also need bicycles to get from village to village, to spread the good news about Jesus: Buy a bicycle for a church planter for $100.

Financial Transparency Report: Water Wells, Church Planting, Community Transformation Fund, and General Bihar Fund

  • Church Planting Giving: $510.60
  • Water Well Giving: $2,000 (This is an even figure because a donor took care of the exact amount needed to finish funding the first well)
  • Community Transformation/Renew Bihar General Fund Combined Total: $3,527.50
    • $1,805.40 being appropriated to first church planter, completing one year of salary/expenses costs
    • $799.20 being appropriated for administrative support/training of church planters in Bihar by Transformation India Movement, Jesus' Economy's partner (that's $33.30 per month, per church planter, for one year)
    • $922.90 being appropriated to the second church planter, leaving $1,393.10 to raise

Help us raise the last $1,393 we need to fund the second church planter for one year, who will be located where we will drill the second water well. Let's make it happen together. All it takes is a few dollars each. Don't feel like your donation needs to be big, just give something. Together, we can make it happen.


Update (11/18/2014): The second water well that was funded provided 500 people with access to clean water, so less than we anticipated, but this well was desperately needed. More information coming soon.

Update (12/19/2014): The first water well that was funded provided 1,300 people with access to clean water, so also less than we anticipated, but this well was also desperately needed.

John Barry
John Barry


CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the General Editor of the highly acclaimed Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary. His new book is Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change. It is widely endorsed by Christian leaders from around the world.