Haitian Mother Overcomes Adversity via Handmade Daisy Clips

Flowers are a beautiful part of creation, and have long been used to tell stories, to uplift, and to adorn. Around this time of year, you see girls and women alike wearing flowers in their hair, attached to a bag, or even pinned on a scarf. Let us tell you the story of our handmade daisy clips from Haiti.

The Story of Handmade Daisy Clips from Haiti

These clips are handcrafted with twine by artisans working through the cooperative 2nd Story Goods. Each daisy is approximately 3 1/2" in diameter, and is secured with a smaller duckbill clip. Daisy clip handmade in Haiti They are perfect for dressing up or for dressing casually, either put in your hair or clipped onto a bag or purse.

But they aren’t only beautiful clips—they are also a way for families in Haiti to maintain sustainable incomes. In Haiti, there is a 40% unemployment rate, resulting in many families suffering. 2nd Story Goods partners with Haitian men and women to create products that empower their families.

A Strong Mother is Behind these Fair Trade Clips

The daisy making at 2nd Story Goods is overseen by Anite (pictured above). Anite has three daughters and one young son who has physical and mental disabilities. She lost her husband in the terrible flood that hit Gonaives in 2008. But she is strong.

Anite is determined to keep her family together and to make it possible for her kids to continue to go to school. She works incredibly hard—and lives out her faith. She—and others—is able to provide for her family through these clips.

A Beautiful Product Supporting a Great Cause

By purchasing this clip, you will not only be buying a wonderful product but you will also be supporting a great cause. By purchasing this clip, you will be helping Haitian men and women to have sustainable jobs.

Brighten the day of your daughter, your niece, your aunt, your mom, your grandma, your friend—need I go on? Give her one of these lovely handmade clips that will both be a blessing to her, and to the people who made it.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy