Conversation Starter: Handmade Cloth Coasters from Rwanda

What better way to start a conversation about fair trade than a great piece of art in your home? These patterned and handmade cloth coasters are just the thing to start this conversation. They are a fair trade product, made in Rwanda; colorful and unique, decorating your home while providing jobs for women striving to overcome extreme poverty.

Locally Sourced and Handmade Coasters

These coasters come in sets of four, each different and unique. They are made from cloth that is locally sourced in Rwanda, and include a tag signed by the artisan who made it. Both beautiful and distinctive, these coasters are sure to catch the eye of an observer. And if someone asks, you can tell them the wonderful story about the impact that your coasters are having in Rwanda, and on the world.

Our Fair Trade Partner in Rwanda, Indego Africa

Created by the Cocoki Cooperative in Rwanda, in conjunction with Indego Africa—a partner of Jesus’ Economy—these coasters also represent the business training Cocoki members receive.

Indego Africa works with more than 400 female artisans in nine different cooperatives, to change lives for the better through fair trade products. Indego connects artisans in Rwanda with international markets, and invests all of their profit back into Rwandan women through programs that focus on literacy training, financial management, and entrepreneurship. Indego has a mission to empower women to earn sustainable incomes, while gaining useful and enduring skills.

Reinvesting Profit at All Levels—A Transparent Supply Chain

Once cooperatives like Cocoki complete a product’s development, it is sold to Indego Africa—who is based in New York. Indego Africa then resells their product purchases, reinvesting their profit in their efforts. When Jesus’ Economy purchased these coasters from Indego Africa, we helped them make a return on their investment, so they could train more women in Rwanda. When we then sell the product to you, we likewise reinvest all profit we make into our efforts—30% into microloans, 30% into church grants, 30% into the meeting of basic needs, and 10% into our ongoing operations (admin).

Our Profit Reinvest Model

It is products such as these coasters that are changing the world. It is the big things and the little things—even a set of quaint, colorful coasters from Rwanda. These coasters are sure to brighten your home, benefit the people making them in countless ways, and give you a chance to share the story behind them with the people in your life.


Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy