The Summertime Bag: Unique, Handmade Kiondo Bags from Kenya

Since summer is approaching, you’re probably looking for a bag that is both beautifully designed yet convenient to carry. You’re looking for a bag that will stylishly hold all those things that make summer more memorable and relaxing—your summertime novel, sunscreen, and towel—but it has to joyfully yell “Summer!” The Tembo Trading Kiondo Bags from Kenya are the perfect choice.

Kiondo Bags are Unique in Style and Useful in Purpose

I recommend the small, handmade Kiondo bag for summertime. There are seven patterns to choose from, but each bag will vary slightly, since each is handcrafted. The diameter of the bag is about 13 inches, and the depth is about 9 inches.

Handmade Bags that Have a Beautiful Story

Fair trade Kiondo bagEach Kiondo bag is intricately made from all natural, renewable resources; the designs are hand-woven and the leather is hand-stitched and tied. Each bag takes two to four weeks to make and no two bags are ever the same. Kiondos are traditionally made by mothers for their daughters upon marriage, because these bags, made from a sisal frame and woven with yarn, will often last a lifetime.

A Fair Trade Bag that Empowers Villagers in Kenya

This bag isn’t just wonderfully crafted and beautiful, it is also making an impact in the villages of Kenya. All throughout Kenya there are communities of people living in extreme poverty. Tembo Trading Education Project, one of Jesus' Economy's partners, witnessed this situation and saw a way out: the Kiondo bag.

Artisans making Kiondo bags

The sale of three bags helps to provide food for one family for several months. Currently, eighty percent of the families in a small Kamba village, in southeastern Kenya, are being supported by the sale of these bags. Today, the Kamba artisans who made these bags have employment and hope for a more prosperous future.

Your purchase supports education in Kenya and the betterment of lives in other developing world communities. Indulge a bit with a beautifully crafted bag for summer convenience—and help others in the process. Buy a fair trade Kiondo bag today.


Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy