Handmade, Recycled Bracelets Funding Orphan Care

Many women want to accessorize with items that are beautiful and unique—different from what everyone else is wearing. As graduations and summer are quickly approaching, what better way to show love to your friend or sister than purchasing them a lovely bracelet that is not only special in appearance, but also has a special story? 

Handmade, Recycled, and Fair Trade Bracelets from Zambia

The Hope Art bracelets, made in Zambia, are made from hand-rolled recycled paper beads, which makes them an environmentally sustainable product. There are many colors to choose from and each is unique.

Empowered Women Empowering Others through Fair Trade

The Hope Art bracelets are made by a group of impoverished, previously unemployed, and mainly HIV positive Zambian widows. But they don’t let these challenges stop them from helping the orphans in their community. In 2009, when the women of Mongu, Zambia realized how pressing the problem was, they decided to do something about it. These gorgeous bracelets are the result of their effort to create revenue for their orphanage.

The artisans who make these bracelets sold their products to Jesus' Economy's through Hope Art, a subsidiary of the Zambia Project. The Zambia Project is dedicated to church planting, Bible translation, and medical outreach. They also provide a training center for leadership development, and orphan and widow care. They are dedicated to empowering the people of Zambia to lift themselves out of poverty.

Bracelets that Represent What Business Should be About

Hope Art bracelet from ZambiaThese handmade bracelets are not only lovely—they represent what commerce should be all about. In addition to funding the Hope Art Orphanage and providing work for Zambian widows, your fair trade product purchase supports life transformation in other developing world communities.

As your summer gets busy and you want to find the perfect gift for someone who appreciates an artful, unique bracelet, consider buying them a Hope Art bracelet.

Your purchase of the Hope Art bracelet will be a way for you—and the person receiving your gift—to be a part of helping make the world a better place. Why not a buy wonderful bracelet for someone that will brighten their day and the days of the people who made it?

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy