The Creative, Handmade Porcelain Bracelet from Kenya

Sometimes, it’s hard to find ways to be creative in this ever-conforming world.  Everything is mass-produced and looks generally the same. Accessories are becoming neutral and uniform. Do you want a bracelet that is both pretty and allows you to creatively express yourself?

The Porcelain Bead Bracelets from Kenya are just that. These lovely bracelets are made with beads wonderfully fashioned from 100% porcelain. The beads are fragile, but incredibly beautiful, with variant colors painted on their black bases. The dimensions are 2 ¾” in diameter, with the elastic band being able to stretch up to 4”. 

Not Only Wonderfully Handmade, But Also Fair Trade

The beads are not only special in craft, but are also very colorful—allowing for easy pairing with casual or formal attire. It’s not often that you find bracelets that will match nearly any outfit. With so many colors on one band, these bracelets will.

The Porcelain Bead Bracelet is not only pretty and colorful, it is also a fair trade product. It helps provide jobs for people who would otherwise be living in extreme poverty in Kenya.

The Story Behind the Porcelain Bead Bracelet from Kenya

One of the people the Porcelain Bead Bracelet empowers is Anne Nasieku. Anne is a Maasai woman living near Nairobi, Kenya.

At one point, Anne learned that many children in her area were unable to attend pre-school and kindergarten due to the costs involved. Many of these children’s mothers were also HIV positive, and thus could not maintain sustainable incomes. Desiring to make a difference, Anne started a program called “Mayiant” which means “blessings.” This program allows women to earn an income by creating beads for the products Anne sells—including these delicate porcelain bracelets.

The artisans who made these bracelets now have employment, and equally great, they have a hope that things can change. The work of Jesus’ Economy’s partner, Tembo Trading Education Project—who initiated getting these bracelets to an international market—has made all this possible.

Express your creativity and be a part of helping women in Kenya work for sustainable incomes. Imagine having a bracelet that is a beautiful piece of art, easy to wear, and is offering hope to impoverished women in Kenya. Buy a Porcelain Bead Bracelet today—for yourself or a friend.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy