Finding Hope During Tragedy

Tragedy often defines us. We make choices out of hurt and fear that can either improve or worsen our conditions.

Anite, an artisan from Haiti, chose to be strong in the midst of her tragedy.

Anite is the head daisy maker for the Daisy Clips—beautiful clips handcrafted with twine. 

Anite has three daughters, and one son with physical and mental disabilities. She lost her husband in the 2008 flood that hit Gonaives. Her life is not easy by any means, but she trusts in God and He gives her strength. 

She is determined to keep her family together and to make it possible for her kids to continue their education. She is able to provide an income for her family because of her hard work and incredible faith.

Unfortunately, Anite had to face tragedy. But she chose to be strong, to trust in God, and to be there for her family. She took the initiative, created the Daisy Clips, and began to build a life for herself and for her children—a life that would provide for them and give them hope for a better future.

Using Fair Trade to Create Hope

Anite is an artisan with 2nd Story Goods, a partner of Jesus’ Economy that co-labors with Haitian men and women to create wonderful products. These artisans now have sustainable incomes. The artisans and 2nd Story Goods make a profit when Jesus’ Economy makes a purchase, and all additional profit is reinvested in life transformation. It is 2nd Story Goods' vision to help people move from poverty to abundance through education, creativity, and practical life experiences.

We're Dedicated to Fair Trade

Jesus’ Economy is dedicated to supporting a global economy and empowering the impoverished. Selling fair trade products from around the world is just one of the ways that we do this. Our fair trade products come from many countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and Haiti, and include various jewelry, household goods, and apparel—and behind each of these products is at least one artisan working in hope of a better future. 

Through Jesus' Economy's fair trade efforts, people like Anite have hope for a better future. They can rise out of tragedy.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy