Pastoring without Biblical Training in Rural Kenya: Podcast

Reverend James Tembula and his team at Light of Hope Global Ministries in Kisumu, Kenya have taken up the call to train local pastors in the Bible. In this interview, Reverend James talks with Kalene Barry, Chief Projects Officer for Jesus' Economy, about the challenges facing indigenous pastors in Kenya. 

Featuring Reverend James A. Tembula, Founder and Director of Light of Hope Global Ministries in Kisumu, Kenya. 

About Light of Hope Global Ministries

Light of Hope Global Ministries provides biblical education conferences, as well as schooling and diploma programs for Kenyan pastors and Christian leaders. They also finance the work of church planting. Due to lack of funds, transportation and other barriers, many Kenyan pastors have little to no biblical education before they begin their pastorship. Get in contact with Reverend James to find out how you can support this gospel work in Kenya. Email him at jatafaith[at]yahoo[dot]com or write to: Light of Hope Global Ministries, P.O. Box 7519, Kisumu 40100, Kenya


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Kalene Barry
Kalene Barry


Chief Projects Officer of Jesus' Economy