3 Journals that'll Make You Want to be a Writer

Writing isn't for everyone, we get it. Journaling really isn't for everyone. If you don't enjoy it, it can be time consuming and tedious. But every once and a while, a journal comes into your life that changes everything. A journal that makes you want to write more. And we've got just the journals for that. 

Journals so unique it'd be near impossible to see someone else with the same one

These journals from Haiti are made with recycled coffee bags so they each carry a slightly different design. The paper is hand cut and the journal is hand bound making it completely handmade. With these unique features, you'll find your creativity will flourish every time you open the front cover. 

A Journal so soft you'll want to rub your face on it 

Made from authentic sheep leather and hand bound with a fabric liner, this journal is sure to inspire. An elastic band is used to close this impossibly soft journal from Haiti. 

The story behind how these journals are made is enough alone to get you writing. 

Haitian teen boys who live in a safe house create these journals to develop business skills that will help them later in life. Each boy designs the unique cover and uses fabric to create their designs. Knowing the reasons why this journal is made will motivate you to want to write. 

Several of the journals in our fair trade shop have inspirational backstories on how they're made and who they're made by. Take a look and see if something strikes you as inspirational. 

Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy