Goodness Will Triumph over Bad

“In the end, goodness triumphs over the bad. It is our challenge to do good and to serve others without waiting for the good to be returned. I’m convinced that those people who cultivate universal love will have good fortune here on earth. In serving others, I found light in a place of utmost darkness.”

Quoting her friend Honorata, Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund, makes a vital point in her book The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between the Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World: When we serve others, we can bring light to dark places.

Novogratz goes on to offer her own comments on Honorata’s thoughts:

“Through Honorata, I understood that resurrection happens right here on earth. I see her spirit and her resilience in women across the globe who have nothing, yet suffer great loss with almost unimaginable grace and dignity. … [Honorata’s] story reminds me of the extraordinary power of the human spirit to withstand almost anything. Her story also speaks to the power of service, to living a life of purpose, and to keeping the flame of hope alive.”

It’s tragic that even with the incredible resilience of those living in poverty, our world offers so little to help to them. There is tenacity and hope around the globe, but just a general lack of resources and training. When we live purposeful lives for others, we have an opportunity to change that.

It is part of the mission of Jesus’ Economy to find those that want to bring hope to their communities and empower them. We want to offer an alternative narrative to the narrative of despair—one of hope and abundant life now. We desire to help people help themselves and their communities. We offer the resources and tools to get things moving in the right direction.

We want to help people like Honorata do even more for their communities. Against incredible odds and hardships, people like her have served others, and in doing so, brought hope. People like Honorata truly show us how communities can be transformed (resurrected). Let her inspire you. Let’s bring light to dark places. Let's bring the true light, Jesus, into the darkness of poverty and dispair, declaring that he is the light all need. Let's proclaim together that Jesus wants to bring people out of poverty and into a better life and into eternal life.

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(This is part three of three of the “What I Learned from Jacqueline Novogratz” blog series.)

John Barry
John Barry


CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the author/coauthor of 12 books and General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary.