How It's Made: The "Second Story" Sling Bag

These fair trade gifts fund life transformation

Sometimes a bag is more than just something in which to carry your wallet and keys. Sometimes a bag holds dreams stitched into each seam, and hope tacked into the lining. Sometimes a simple bag is a symbol of freedom.  

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Second Story Goods is a cooperative of Haitian artisans from Jubilee, a village on the outskirts of Gonaives, Haiti. These men and women are writing new stories for their lives into every stitch sewn, every product they hand-craft, and every piece sold at a fair price--allowing them to save and dream. Second Story is passionate about these personal stories and the mission of freeing families from poverty and dependency by connecting their skills with the Western market. Second Story's sling bags are created as part of a program called Trade School Haiti, which teaches valuable sewing skills to women in Jubilee. Philipe, who is pictured here, is the sewing instructor for this group of women. 

It's not many companies who can, or will tell you exactly how their products are produced. At Jesus' Economy, we know all of this information before we even begin to work with artisan cooperatives. We want to know that profits are being routed directly to artisans and community development, transforming lives and producing real change in the region. Second Story Goods is doing just that, with initiatives like local business classes, small loans for entrepreneurs, and supplies for the Jubilee school.  It's a story we can fully support. Buy your sling bag today in our fair trade shop.

Sara Gering
Sara Gering