Artisan Crafted Jewelry: Hope Art

There are few feelings more empowering than when you succeed in earning a better income—when you land that job, win the bid on that new project, or sign the agreement with the new partner. But for most people in the developing world, such opportunities are not available. Here at Jesus’ Economy, we’re working hard to change that. And as a result, we have the incredible opportunity of partnering with people who are overcoming extreme poverty in innovative ways.
In 2009, in Mongu, Zambia, a group of impoverished, unemployed, and mainly HIV positive Zambian widows decided to face the orphan crisis in their community. In the process of caring for orphans, they realized that they could make a livelihood for themselves. Working in tandem with the Zambia Project—dedicated to empowering the people of Zambia through church planting, leadership training, Bible translation, medical care, and other programs—Hope Art Orphanage was formed.

Beaded Bracelets and the African Economy

To fund the orphanage, the mainly HIV positive women then put their skills to work: These artisans designed and created handcrafted jewelry from recycled paper beads, to generate funds for orphan care and livelihoods for themselves. They are now able to take care of the children in their community and themselves.
Hope Art, a subsidiary of the Zambia Project, represents what commerce should be about—providing jobs and changing lives for the better. They represent what serving Jesus and His economy means.
The Zambia Project has selflessly served those on the underside of power in Zambia and has been successful in their efforts to empower people in West Zambia. And Jesus’ Economy is proud to be Zambia Project’s partner, and to offer the wider world Hope Art.
I know this story gives me hope—and shows me what Christ is capable of doing in the world. I hope it gives you hope today. Learn more about Hope Art beaded bracelets here.
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John Barry
John Barry


CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the General Editor of the highly acclaimed Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary. His new book is Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change. It is widely endorsed by Christian leaders from around the world.