We Celebrate in Unity Today with Uganda for their Independence Day

October 9 Is Uganda Independence Day

Today, Ugandans celebrate their national Independence Day, signifying Uganda’s freedom from British rule. The country became entirely self-governing in 1962. Now, Ugandans celebrate this day as a day of national pride.

Celebrating a Fair Trade Partnership

Our fair trade partnership with a Ugandan entrepreneur shows our commitment to work with developing nations in our production processes. Everything from the design of our Jesus’ Economy T-shirts to prototyping to the production process was done in partnership with a Ugandan company, RWA Group. The fabric is sourced locally in Kampala, Uganda.

In addition, John Nyarwa, the owner of RWA Group, trains and employs young people within his community. Uganda has historically struggled with unemployment - the unemployment rate for youth ages 15 - 23 is more than 80 percent. It is efforts like John’s that break this cycle by creating jobs where they are most needed.

Today, we celebrate Uganda’s history and journey toward self-governance and greater economic success. We celebrate our partnership with John and RWA Group to work toward making Uganda’s growing economy even stronger.

Kati Clair
Kati Clair