A Life Transformed by the Peace of Christ

Veer grew up in Northeast India. And his life completely lacked peace. One day that all changed.

For years, Veer's mother had prayed for him; she was distressed by his restlessness. Veer, on the other hand, viewed Christianity as merely about traditions. It took a pastor visiting his home to change his mind. As the pastor shared about the true meaning of the Christian faith, how it is rooted in relationship with Jesus, he decided that he believed. Veer entered into an authentic relationship with Jesus.

Veer immediately felt peace and knew he could stop his bad habits. He was baptized in 2008 and determined he would serve God. Since that time, he has taken Bible training courses and been attending pastors' seminars. In total, he has received six years of pastoral training. His dedication has allowed him to step into a church planting role with Jesus' Economy. He will now be bringing the gospel to people who have never heard Jesus' name, in rural villages in Northeast India.

The Effect of Veer's Ministry 

Veer's life goal is to share the peace of Jesus with others; he wants them to experience the same kind of freedom Jesus brought to his life.

Veer has now taken over the ministry of Jesus' Economy sponsored church planter, Vinod, receiving the third year of Vinod's previously planned sponsorship. Veer and Vinod have been working toward establishing self-sustaining churches; the goal is that after three years of total sponsorship that the churches they establish will be completely self-sustaining.

Within just the first few months of Veer's efforts, he told more than 600 people about Jesus and the peace Christ can offer them. Even during his first few months of ministry, he saw eight people decide to believe in Jesus.

The Peace of Knowing Jesus

You can be a part of bringing the peace of Christ to people in Northeast India. In a state where 101 Million people who have never heard the name of Jesus, Veer is bravely spreading the name of Christ. Help Veer accomplish his goal. Come alongside him in his efforts.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy