Kenyan Artisan Empowers Women

Nairobi, Kenya. An entrepreneur is empowering women through Maasai beaded, leather sandals. Alvin Sang leads Chamtich Kenya, a partner of Jesus’ Economy. Sang is establishing jobs that support people as they lift themselves out of poverty.

Empowerment through Business

Sang is involved in many efforts to help his local Kenyan people, including working against forced marriage and female genital mutilation. He empowers women through creating sustainable jobs via international and local partnerships.

Chamtich Kenya products are representative of many artisans and entrepreneurs who make items such as housewares, jewelry, and clothing. Sang also represents local farmers and brings their eggs, meat, and grains to markets in Nairobi. His goal is to see small businesses supporting themselves and neighbors, so that they may help each other out of poverty.

A Team Built on Craftsmanship

Jesus' Economy works with Sang by purchasing fair trade, Maasai leather sandals and then selling them in our online fair trade shop. Many different trades and talents are incorporated into sandal making.

More than 20 men and women work together to finish each shoe with a wonderful and matchless touch. A group of people gather the initial materials needed for the sandals. Other men and women assemble the sandals through leatherwork and detailed stitching. Then a group of female artisans, who are skilled in handiwork and have sharp eyesight, diligently bead the sandals.

Maasai leather sandals are intricate, beautiful, and unique. But more importantly, purchasing Maasai sandals means supporting a community of workers in Kenya who believe in empowerment.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy