Brazilian Weaver Empowers Herself Through Fair Trade

Dayanne (on the left) makes the Golden Grass Globes bracelet. She partners with Cross Trade, a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, an organization that works with artisans in Brazil to sell their goods to the western market, and help the artisans exit poverty.

Dayanne’s golden grass bracelets are bought for fair wages, thus providing a sustainable income for herself and her family. Because of her partnership with Cross Trade, she has been able to begin the journey of lifting herself and those around her out of poverty through economic opportunity and empowerment.

Golden grass is a renewable and sustainable resource in Brazil, and has been used by locals for many years to create products of all kinds because of its durability and practicality. It grows in the Tocantins region of Brazil, where Dayanne lives. Golden grass is also a protected resource, so only finished grass products can leave Brazil—making these products unique and valuable.

Bracelets from Brazil: Golden Grass Globes  

This handwoven bracelet is something special you don’t want to miss. It is classic and simple, but also bold and chic, and will pair nicely with many of your outfits. Buy one for you or one for a friend, and support fair trade artisans in Brazil.

If you’re searching for new accessories, consider shopping fair trade. Fair trade helps people like Dayanne lift themselves out of poverty.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy