Bringing Christ's Peace to Remote Villages

More than 700 villagers in Northeast India, many of whom have never heard of Jesus, now will hear about the gospel due to the efforts of our newest church planter: Rahul.

The Peace that Only Jesus Can Bring

During his childhood, Rahul lost all of his male siblings and had to quickly learn how to provide for his family. He also spent his young adult years spiritually searching. He was looking for a solution to his pain but kept coming up empty handed and frustrated. He didn’t find true peace until he found Jesus. Jesus changed everything, setting Rahul on a life altering path.

The Living Water

This year, Rahul has gone to six different villages to spread the gospel. In one village, there had been water quarrels as there was no easy way for most villagers to get access to clean water. After Rahul facilitated the drilling of a public water well for the village, many of the villagers were eager to learn more about Jesus who is the Living Water. This well was sponsored by Jesus’ Economy.

The Impact of Rahul's Ministry

Rahul hosts prayer meetings in six different unreached villages with about 100 people regularly attending these meetings. Rahul also oversees a literacy training school for the local children, who previously had to walk miles to school. This walk endangered the young girls in the village and thus prevented them from attending school altogether. In order to empower women, Rahul has also initiated a tailoring training school.

Jesus' Economy plans to sponsor Rahul but we need your help. Help get Rahul sponsored so he can continue helping others find the same peace that he found through Jesus.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy