Bringing the Freedom of the Gospel to Northeast India

Jesus’ Economy church planter Veer faces the difficult task of bringing the gospel to a region dominated by oppressive religions. In Northeast India, he is offering the freedom of Jesus to those who have never even heard Jesus' name.


Despite the many obstacles, in just three months Veer saw 20 people come to Christ and choose to be baptized. Veer joined the efforts of Jesus’ Economy in October 2016, taking over an area that Vinod (a former Jesus’ Economy church planter) was working. Veer has worked diligently ever since.

Veer is focusing his efforts on a village where Jesus’ Economy provided a water well. This has given him an opportunity to speak about the love of Jesus, the Living Water. He has launched Bible studies and home churches, with more than 70 people attending. This means more than just new believers are coming to hear Veer talk about the freedom of the gospel.


At the end of 2016, Veer focused his efforts on Christmas-focused messages and Christmas-themed programs. Through these efforts, Veer shared the message of Jesus with 2,500 people in 10 different villages. This was the first time any of these people had heard the gospel. From these Christmas programs, 10 people placed their faith in Jesus and a new Bible study group was started.

With the new bible studies and house churches plus the reach of the Christmas-themed programs, Veer has reached many villagers in a very short time. Veer has also expanded his efforts by launching a tailoring training center for impoverished women. Currently 26 women are attending the center regularly. Veer has also launched a literacy training center where 30 children are learning to read. Through showing the love of Christ in word and deed, Veer has become an integral part of renewing an impoverished and previously oppressed group of people.

To help the work of Veer continue, please donate to his fund so that his diligence in the ministry can have an even broader impact in the region. 

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy