Our Favorite Birthday Dedications to a Cause

Do you draw a complete blank when people ask, "So, what do you want for your birthday?" Are you feeling like you want to give back but just aren't sure how? Birthday dedications are for you! 

Birthday dedications to a cause are an effective way to alleviate poverty and plant churches. Our projects like Renew Bihar are supported by donations efforts such as this. It's one of the the best ways you can make an impact in the remote villages in Bihar, India. 

Your family and friends can donate money toward creating jobs, planting churches, or meeting basic needs. It's completely customizable. You can choose where you want the funds to go and your gift giver can choose the amount they want to give. 100% goes to the cause.

To dedicate your birthday, email us at info@jesuseconomy.org. And your birthday doesn't have to be soon to do so, you can pledge your birthday now and we will email you closer to the date.

You can either have a simple photo on your birthday dedication page, create an eye-catching meme, or come up with a video that gets people watching and donating.

Here are some videos and images of people who've dedicated their birthday in the past.

Hilarious Birthday for a Cause Videos

Funny Birthday for a Cause Photos and Memes

Recent Birthday Dedications to a Cause

Playing on a pun, Kati Clair ... See Kati's birthday's dedication here.

Our Founder, John D. Barry, ... . See John's birthday dedication here.

Dedicate your birthday to a cause. Email us at info@jesuseconomy.org.

Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy