Embrace Autumn with These Great Fair Trade Products

Fall is quickly approaching and we have some wonderful products you’ll love as the summer closes. From autumn fashion to school essentials, we have you covered.


Necklaces from Haiti: The Victoria

We’re breaking out the sweaters from the corners of our closets, and what better to pair with a cardigan than a simple and chic necklace? This necklace is handmade by artisans of a jewelry making guild in Jubilee, Haiti out of aluminum and goat leather. This necklace will wonderfully accent your fall wardrobe while supporting fair trade in the process.


Journals from Haiti: Goat Leather

Whether you’re heading back to school or working the same job you’ve worked for 10 years, a new journal is a great way to ring in the changing seasons. There is always something to write down; consider choosing this sleek journal handmade by leather artisans in Haiti.


Scarves from Haiti: Blue Batik 

The weather is getting just a little colder, and with it, you’ll want to bundle up a little more. This scarf created by artisans in Haiti is a perfect option. It’s not too thick and is a great way to stay warm but look cool. Buy this beautiful scarf and support artisans in Haiti through fair trade.


Daisy Chain, Handmade in Haiti 

You might be stuck indoors more now, but you can still remember summer with this delicate and beautiful daisy chain, perfect for wall decoration. This whimsical ornament is perfect for dressing up any room, and for making a statement about hope.


Fair Trade Brings Hope to Artisans in Haiti 

2nd Story Goods, a division of Much Ministries and partner of Jesus' Economy, co-labors with Haitian men and women on the outskirts of Gonaives, Haiti, to make beautiful things. These products create sustainable incomes for Haitian families. It is 2nd Story Goods' vision to help people move from poverty to abundance through education, creativity, and practical life experiences. Haiti has a 40 percent unemployment rate (World Bank, 2010), so the work of 2nd Story Goods is desperately needed.

Jesus’ Economy is dedicated to alleviating global poverty, and partnerships with organizations like 2nd Story Goods are the perfect way to empower artisans as they work toward more hopeful futures.

Join us in this mission and shop fair trade today.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy