Fair Trade Changes the Future for Brazilian Family

Erlane's (pictured with his children) woven golden grass jewelry is bought for fair wages, thus providing a sustainable income for his family. He is able to meet his family’s basic needs and contribute to the stability of his future. Through his partnership with Brazil-based non-profit, Cross Trade (a new partner organization of Jesus' Economy), he is able to begin the journey of lifting himself and those around him out of poverty through economic opportunity and empowerment.

He makes earrings from golden grass, a local resource in Brazil. Golden grass is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products can leave the country and therefore, be brought into your home—making these items unique and valuable. The indigenous people of Brazil have been crafting goods from golden grass for hundreds of years because of its durable, flexible, and lightweight nature.


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Ropa  

These fabulous and classy earrings can complement many of your dressy and work outfits. They are simple and professional, but dainty and fun. You can’t go wrong with these fairly traded earrings!


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Stranded Loop  

If you wear a lot of earrings, then you know loop earrings are an essential item in your jewelry box. They pair nicely with casual and fancy attire, and these fair trade loop earrings from Brazil are no different. These versatile earrings are beautiful, and purchasing them helps Erlane provide for his family.


Shopping fair trade helps lift entire families out of poverty.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy