Fair Trade Fashion for Beautiful and Practical Use

Beautiful fabrics create beautiful clothes, but they can also support impoverished people through fair trade. In Malawi, Africa, the Vipambi Women’s group works with stunning textiles to tailor everyday products that meet everyday needs. The artisans learn skills in sewing and business so they can be prepared to provide for their families using their tailoring trade.

The fair trade goods offered by the Vipambi Women’s group are practical as well as vibrant and engaging. My favorite item from the collection is the wrap skirt, which is versatile and easy to wear. It fits many sizes and can be worn a variety of ways to create more casual or more formal ensembles.

Featured Vipambi Fair Trade Products

Wrap Skirts From Malawi: Red Fan


This versatile, wrap skirt can be worn low on the hips or high on the waist; its long belt tie makes that possible. The skirt line is about at the knee or a little higher, depending on how it is worn and your height. This means that the skirt fits nicely with a variety of shoe, sandal, or boot choices.

Clutch Purses From Zambia: The Envelope Clutch in Goldenrod

Store everything important in these cute envelope-style clutch purses. They are perfect for keys, receipts, and anything else you want to put inside! With a zip closure and magnetic snap, everything is sure to stay put.

Shopping fair trade can transform and empower artisans like those working with Vipambi. Join us in transforming lives through fair trade

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy