Fair Trade From Brazil Helps Meet Basic Needs

Many artisans in Brazil have the skills to create beautiful and sustainable products, but because of the poverty of their communities, they have no local, sustainable market to sell or trade their products. Their only option is to sell their goods at a Sunday market for a fraction of their worth, and they usually walk away with barely enough money to buy a small bag of rice.

This is where Cross Trade came in. Cross Trade, a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, works with artisans in impoverished areas of Brazil by connecting their handmade goods to customers in western markets. Cross Trade pays a fair price for the products, and also provides interest free loans to artisans when they need to purchase equipment.

Cross Trade maintains a relationship with the artisans they work with, and their true focus is on enhancing livelihoods and providing hope. Because of Cross Trade, artisans in Brazil are able to procure stable incomes, meet their families’ basic needs, and even afford appliances like refrigerators and plumbing.

Shopping fair trade can help families around the world afford the things we take for granted.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy