Fair Trade from Rwanda; Woven to Make the World Better

The fair trade shop at JesusEconomy.org has some new baskets—just in time for last minute Christmas shopping! Now you can shop fair trade, take care of the environment, and decorate and organize your home at the same time. Here are a few of the beautiful fair trade baskets and storage units created by artisans from Rwanda.  


Baskets from Rwanda: Constellation in Black & Tea   

This basket comes in small, medium, or large, and is perfect for serving or display. You could put a small basket near your front door and use it for keys, or a medium basket on your dining room table filled with fruit. Each basket also has a loop on the back for easy hanging, and they would look gorgeous on your living room wall. And when your guests ask about it, tell them the story about where it comes from and how you positively impacted a community in Rwanda.


Banana Leaf Tapered Tray from Rwanda

This tray is crafted from locally-gathered stalks of leaves from banana trees. The leaves are carefully threaded around the stalks, and the result is a super sturdy tray that’s great for any use. Buy one, or buy three—they’re easy to stack!


Baskets from Rwanda: Teardrop in Red and Natural  

This unique and beautiful bamboo basket is handcrafted in the traditional Rwandan technique. It is lightweight and delicate, perfect for display or for holding your treasures. Each of the colors is created with natural dyes such as tea, soot, and rock applied to the grass with banana flower.


Banana Twine Magazine Tote from Rwanda

The magazine tote is a great basket that makes a practical decoration, and an easy on-the-go carrier. With hand-spun banana leaf twine, this basket is sturdy and durable, and perfect for a stack of books, a few skeins of yarn, or some of your tot’s favorite toys. It could even work as a little picnic basket! Buy one and bring hope to artisans in Rwanda!


Banana Leaf Nesting Cubes from Rwanda

These beautiful rustic boxes are a wonderful way to stay organized in fair trade style. They are available in three sizes, and they fit inside each other nicely. These cubes are practical and durable, and are the perfect way to manage craft supplies, toys, or sweaters. The large size is even designed to fit into regular modular storage shelves. You can’t go wrong with these storage cubes, and you can’t go wrong with fair trade.


Baskets from Rwanda: Traditional Grass Peace Basket in Black and White

This striking basket is the quintessential Rwandan gift. In Rwanda, these baskets are often used to hold other gifts—like the one given by every bride to her new husband’s mother. This type of basket is often used to hold dry goods like beans or rice. Each grass basket takes an entire week to weave, and it’s made from all-natural and locally grown materials. Be smart about the environment, support artisans around the world, and buy one of these baskets!


Banana Panel Storage Box from Rwanda   

Having trouble staying organized? These boxes are the answer! Created with banana leaves. These boxes are practical and can hold up to your demands! Use one to store your favorite photos, some small toys, or use it to stack napkins in the middle of your table. Pick up a fair trade storage box and change a life in Rwanda today!


Doing some really last minute gift shopping? Today is the last day to order first class mail and get it by Christmas! Today is also the last day to order Azizi Life fair trade until after the holidays!

Shopping fair trade brings communities together, treats the earth right, and is an all-around ethical way to buy things for yourself and for others.


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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy