Fair Trade Gold: Products Handmade with Golden Grass

Artisans in Brazil with Cross Trade, a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, create beautiful and functional handmade goods by weaving golden grass. Golden grass is a sustainable and renewable resource that has been used by indigenous people of Brazil for hundreds of years because of its durable, flexible, and lightweight nature. 

Golden Fair Trade from Brazil

Check out some of the beautiful products made with golden grass.

Earrings from Brazil: Solta Golden Grass Pendants

If you’re looking for a new pair of earrings, or a great gift to give a friend, these earrings are a wonderful choice. They are trendy and bold, but neutral toned to fit in with your more casual outfits. There’s even a little pop of color, and you can choose from seven color options to pick whichever suits your style. 

Bracelets from Brazil: Segmento Golden Grass

This bracelet is stunning, but while it appears delicate, it is sturdy enough to withstand regular wear. It’s also a perfect alternative for anyone with metal sensitive skin!

Bracelets from Brazil: Blue Rocha Golden Grass  

Searching for a bracelet to pair with your new dress? Choose this one! It is created with strands of golden grass and features a polished river stone. This bracelet is also available in other colors. 

Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Conter Oval Basket with Lid

Keep your hair bands and bobby pins in one place with these fair trade baskets. They are small and sleek, and will help keep you organized. You can even buy one and fill it with trinkets as a sweet gift for a friend.

Trivets from Brazil: Padrão Golden Grass

These trivets, available in 14 or 18 inches, are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. They are large enough to hold a variety of hot dishes so you can protect your counters and tables. Woven in a beautiful star-like pattern, they can also spruce up your kitchen décor. 

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy