Fair Trade Helps Brazilian Artisan Provide for Family

In Mumbuca, Brazil, Maria (pictured with five of her six children) is diligently weaving. Her husband is a part-time farm laborer. His work is so inconsistent that he struggles to bring in enough income for their family of seven on a regular basis. Maria's connection with Cross Trade, a partner organization of Jesus' Economy, has proved to be vital in helping provide for her family. It has helped them maintain a consistent income. Her handmade golden grass baskets are as beautiful as they are versatile.

Golden grass is sturdy and lightweight, making it perfect for weaving a lot of different goods. It is a renewable resource found naturally in Brazil and has been used by locals for hundreds of years.

Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Conter Oval Basket with Lid  

Keep your hair bands and bobby pins in one place with these fair trade baskets. They are small and sleek, and will help keep you organized. You can even buy one and fill it with trinkets as a sweet gift for a friend.

Shopping fair trade is a wonderful way to buy what you need and support families like Maria’s in the process.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy