Fair Trade Jewelry that is Good to the Earth and Fashionable

Taking care of the earth is so important, but it can be difficult to do while shopping. Figuring out where to find environmentally responsible products can take a lot of time and research. Many large department stores sell products made with chemicals and synthetic fabrics that won’t decompose, and the factories emit harmful greenhouse gases. If you want to change the way you shop, take a look at the Fair Trade Store at JesusEconomy.org. We have many beautiful and long-lasting products that are gentle on the earth both in how they are made and in how they will eventually decompose—but don’t worry, that will be long after you are done using them.

Environmentally Friendly Fair Trade Jewelry

Here are some beautiful fair trade jewelry items that are kind to the environment.


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Ropa

These earrings are made from golden grass, a renewable resource in Brazil. Golden grass is known for its strength and durability, yet it is also great for the environment because it is completely natural and renewable.


Bracelets from Brazil: Blue Rocha Golden Grass

This bracelet looks as dainty as real gold, but is actually made from Brazilian golden grass. The grass is naturally flexible, lightweight, and sturdy, making this bracelet practical for you and for the earth. It also features a polished river stone from Brazil.


Seed Wrap Bracelet from Haiti

The seeds on this bracelet are similar to coffee beans and are locally sourced, environmentally clean, and a fashionable alternative bead.


Necklaces from Haiti: Glass Daisy

A great way to minimize your environmental impact is by recycling, and this necklace recycles in style. The pendant is made from locally sourced recycled glass and is wrapped with recycled aluminum.


Necklaces from Haiti: Aluminum Loop, Clay Bead

The pendant on this necklace from Haiti is made with locally sourced clay and recycled aluminum. The materials are safe for the earth and make you stand out.

Add some dazzling fair trade jewelry to your wardrobe and honor the earth while you wear it.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy