Fair Trade Shrugs Celebrate Nepalese Culture

Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization, and a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, is using fair trade to honor Nepalese tradition and bring hope to the people of Nepal. Founded in 1985, Cheppu from Himalaya works with Nepalese artisans to sell their products on the western market. Cheppu believes in exchanging culture between people through these beautiful products.

These wonderful scarves, shrugs, and ponchos are made to honor Nepalese tradition and the local environment. Cheppu is dedicated to using recycled and renewable materials whenever possible. Shopping Cheppu means supporting artisans in Nepal, celebrating Nepalese culture, and respecting the earth.

One of the best product options for fall are the light and airy shrugs they make by hand. These shrugs are woven loosely for a breezy look that will keep you warmer on a chilly evening, or add a bit of color to your favorite black dress. These shrugs are available in 19 colors and styles, so you can pick one that best fits you. And while you’re at it, find one that your sister will love—it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!


Shrugs from Nepal

We’ve included a handful of the beautiful options!


Scarves from Nepal: Copper Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: Pink Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: Confetti Sparkle Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: Purple Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: White and Gold Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: Red and Gold Shrug


Scarves from Nepal: Oat Shrug


Be an advocate for fair trade and look fashionable by buying a shrug from Nepal. See the rest of the shrugs in the Cheppu from Himalaya collection.


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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy