Brazil Families Defeat Poverty by Sharing Traditional Craft

This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty through their craft. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — The Story of Traditional Artisans in Brazil

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For many families living in impoverished areas of Brazil, there is little hope of ever overcoming poverty. But several jewelry and basket weavers refused to live the story of poverty. Here's how they defeated poverty by preserving a cultural craft passed down for generations.

Traditional Craft Preserved to Defeat Poverty

The indigenous people of Brazil have been crafting goods from golden grass for hundreds of years because of its durable, flexible, and lightweight nature. But despite golden grass being protected in Brazil—making it so that only a select few can harvest it as part of their traditional craft—it is hard to make a living selling this craft in Brazil since other people in the communities are equally impoverished.

When Cross Trade, a partner organization of Jesus' Economy, first met Silvania (pictured above with her children), she was creating beautiful woven items but selling them in exchange for only a bag of rice to feed her family. Cross Trade invested in Silvania's work and payed her double the rates she used to make.

When you gift the Golden Grass Cesta Trança Basket, you help Silvania lift herself and her family out of poverty. The same is true for other artisans from Brazil.

Golden Grass Cesta Trança Basket from Brazil 

Gorgeous, Golden Grass Jewelry Creates Jobs

For other indigenous artisans in Brazil, crafting jewelry out of golden grass has transformed their lives.

For jewelry artist Erlane (pictured above with his children), his entire life has been changed through the commerce opportunity of partnering with Cross Trade. Erlane is now able to provide a sustainable income for his family, offering his children a better life story.

Earrings by Erlane: Golden Grass Ropa

Joelma (pictured above with her sister) also has found hope through crafting beautiful golden grass jewelry. Through her partnership with Cross Trade, and subsequently selling products on, she is beginning the journey of lifting herself and those around her out of poverty through economic opportunity and empowerment. 

Bracelet by Joelma: Segmento Golden Grass

Be Part of a Better Story for Brazilian Artisans

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Kalene Barry
Kalene Barry


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