From Fear and Chaos to Peace and Love | Renew Bihar Update

In Bihar, India, Jesus’ Economy sponsored church planter Chintak continues to share the name of Jesus with many who have never heard it before. And wonders continue to come as a result. One of those wonders is the story of 40-year-old Aakash.

A Terrible Accident 

Aakash works hard in cornfields to provide for his wife and four children. He makes enough that he is able to send his children to school, which isn’t always possible in Bihar. In March of 2018, he went to work in the cornfield as usual. However something awful happened to him and it changed him. Aakash became unrecognizable to those who knew him. He lost all sense of balance and was constantly enraged. Villagers and his family were afraid of him, claiming that he was oppressed by evil spirits; to keep him at bay, the villagers would beat him. Eventually, Aakash became abusive toward his wife and kids. What was once a peaceful, loving home turned into a life full of fear and chaos. The family didn’t know what to do and most of the villagers chose to ignore the situation.

A Miraculous Change 

Almost a year later, church planter Chintak came to the family’s village to share about Jesus. Falak, Aakash’s wife, sought Chintak out and explained their situation to him. She asked him to pray for her husband and their family. Chintak did so immediately and, in a mere moment, Aakash’s entire demeanor changed. He was back to his old self again. Chintak then shared the good news of Jesus with the whole family and invited them to church, where they could learn more about the freedom of Jesus.

After attending one of Chintak’s home churches for five months, Aakash, Falak, and their four kids said they believed in Jesus and got baptized! The baptism of Aakash and Falak is pictured above. The family faithfully attends church together and, thanks to the healing power of Jesus, they no longer live in fear and chaos. The peace and love of Jesus is present in their lives.

Wondrous events continue to occur in Bihar, India thanks to the drive and commitment that Chintak and other church planters put into their efforts. And because of you, Chintak can continue to be a dedicated church planter reaching thousands who’ve never heard the name of Jesus.


Please also continue to pray with us for the flooding situation in Bihar. A natural disaster has happened and the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh need our prayers.

Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy