Golden Baskets: Fair Trade for Any Purpose

This winter, has hundreds of new fair trade products from all around the world. Check out these simple and useful golden baskets from Brazil. Carefully woven from locally sourced golden grass, or capim dourado, these baskets are lightweight, flexible, and beautiful—perfect for your knitting project, memorabilia from a favorite vacation, or an assortment of fruit on your table.


Baskets from Brazil: Aguarde Oval Basket with Lid 

Made from natural and renewable resources, this fair trade basket is good for your home, good for the world, and good for the artisans that created it. Complete with a lid, this basket is a great option for storage around your house. The small size, with a diameter of 4.5 inches, would be perfect for spare change, or use the large one, with a diameter of 7 inches, to keep your collection of sewing buttons.


Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Cesta Trança  

This large basket features beautiful braids in a traditional Brazilian design. At 14” x 10” x 5”, this basket is ideal for placing an assortment of fruit or flowers. Imagine it as a centerpiece at your holiday table!


Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Cesta Trançita 

This oval basket has a simple and modern design, and could be a stunning conversation piece in your living room. Use it to hold your T.V. remotes, or maybe some coasters and a box of tissues. And when your company asks about it, tell them about fair trade and how the basket empowers women in Brazil and is also kind to the environment.


Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Conter Oval Basket With Lid  

Keep your hair bands and bobby pins in one place with these fair trade baskets. They are small and sleek, and can keep you organized. Support fair trade and buy a Brazilian basket today!


Shopping fair trade is responsible shopping. And if you’re a last minute Christmas shopper, consider giving one of these baskets as a gift! Be sure to select express mail at the checkout in order to get it in time for Christmas.


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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy