Grace is the Most Powerful Concept of All: Daily Devotional

Paul could have ended 2 Thessalonians in dozens of ways; instead, he focuses on one thing alone: grace. Because grace is the most powerful concept of all.

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6–18. Reflect on 2 Thessalonians 3:18:

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you” (LEB).

Often all we need is a little grace. Grace is renewing. It reaches deep inside us. It finds the despair and pain and offers love. It says, “Yes, you may be unworthy but you are loved and forgiven.”

Paul devoted much of his writing to the concept of grace. It is the grace of God, as shown through Jesus’ death and resurrection—for our sins, so that we could have relationship with God—that drove Paul’s entire life. Grace is what Paul himself had experienced as a redeemed sinner. It is grace that I have experienced as a redeemed sinner. It is grace that we all need.

How different would our world be if we all offered people the grace we have received? If instead of holding grudges and demanding apologies, we lived with a spirit of forgiveness? If instead of hoping that people would fall on their sword, we offered grace and love? If instead of being bitter we offered hope? If instead of considering ourselves better than others, we noted the incredible and unmerited redemption we have in Christ?

Imagine what could be if the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is what we proclaimed to everyone. Imagine what could be if grace drove our entire lives and if it’s what we wished for each and every person.

What parts of your life need to be transformed by grace today? Who can you show incredible grace to today, in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ? Drop me a comment, I would love to hear from you.


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This Jesus’ Economy Daily Devotional is part of the series, “Live Your Calling Now: 2 Thessalonians.”

John Barry
John Barry


CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the author/coauthor of 12 books and General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary.