Green and Clean Fair Trade Home Goods You'll Love

Next time you need a new centerpiece for your table or a gift to give at a shower, consider shopping fair trade and looking for products that are environmentally friendly. Many of the home goods sold at are made of natural and renewable resources that are gentler on the earth than home goods bought at chain department stores.

Green Fair Trade Home Goods


Bookends from Rwanda: Lions

Add a stunning piece to your library with these bookends. They are hand carved from locally sourced Jacaranda wood in Rwanda. The Jacaranda tree grows back even after it has been cut, making it a great resource with minimal environmental impact.


Banana Leaf Nesting Tray Sets from Rwanda

Leaves and stalks of banana trees are a renewable resource in Rwanda, and these trays are made completely from dried banana leaves. These serving trays don’t have a single bit of plastic yet they will last for many years.  


Baskets from Haiti: Market Basket

The market basket is wonderful because it is naturally water resistant and durable, but it’s even more amazing because it’s made from 100% sweetgrass, which is a local resource in Haiti. Use this basket to carry a few groceries and skip out on the plastic bag.


Belts from Guatemala: 47” with Wooden Buckle

This belt is hand-woven and embroidered with 100% cotton thread, and the buckle is made of wood. Every material used on this belt is renewable and easy on the environment.


Greeting Cards from Haiti: Thinking of You with Flower

Greeting cards are a staple, and these ones are great for many reasons. They are handmade with fabric scraps and cardstock, and the inside is blank for whatever you have to say.


Decorate responsibly and buy fair trade home goods that are environmentally friendly.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Apprentice in Writing and Editorial for Jesus' Economy