Handwoven Fair Trade You’ll Use Everyday

The Mayamam Weavers co-op in Cajolá, Guatemala is making waves with their beautifully woven products. In this village, 94 percent of the population lives in poverty and most of the people who live there have no opportunity to get an education. But Mayamam Weavers are creating stunning home goods using traditional Mayan patterns and techniques. These women receive fair wages, education through the sixth grade, and then access to scholarships if they want to continue their education. Life isn’t easy in Cajolá, but these women are determined to make it better.

Mayamam Weavers make an array of wonderful goods from aprons and towels, to bags and belts. Each of these products is handmade with care and supports the futures of dozens of Guatemalan families.


Handwoven Fair Trade



Shopping fair trade brings hope to people around the world. And with Christmas coming up, you can find anything you need for last minute gifts. Today is the last day to order with regular ground shipping and get it by Christmas!


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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


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