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Jesus' Economy is an all-volunteer organization. We need people like you to join us in creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting basic needs. Joining our team is an incredible way to gain experience. We invest seriously in the people who volunteer with us and help them accomplish their life and career goals.

Our volunteer staff and interns typically work four to eight hours per week. Our team works entirely remotely, making it easy to join. From right behind your computer, you can be part of a movement of talented people creating a better world.

My Story of Volunteering with Jesus' Economy

I can tell you first hand how wonderful it is to work with a team like the one at Jesus’ Economy. I joined in 2014 as an intern in writing and editorial. I was 18, and pretty nervous to begin the internship, though I had confidence in God’s direction. I was worried that I was too young, too inexperienced, and would not be able to keep up. CEO John Barry and his wife, Kalene, were so excited to bring me on board and mentor me as I grew in my gifts and followed where God was leading me. They were not afraid to help me start from the bottom, and continue to have great patience with me along the way. Learning is often uncomfortable, but they have made it easier in the way they handle it.

It has been more than three years, my position has been promoted to Apprentice in Writing and Editorial, and I am constantly amazed at how far I’ve come. Working with Jesus’ Economy has blessed me with an incredible educational platform in which I can try, fail, and improve. As a result of John’s mentorship and direction, I have learned and am learning new skills daily, constantly pushing myself beyond my comfort zones.

God led me here—and believe me, that’s a crazy story of its own—and he continues to lead me within this volunteer position. The ultimate goal for believers is to bring glory to God, and it is special to be a part of a team so focused on doing just that. Everyone here is passionate about the mission of Jesus’ Economy, which is a dedication to creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting the basic needs of people around the world. We’re all excited about bringing glory to God  through that mission.

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Joining our team is a great way to gain professional experience while building connections. We invest in the people who work with us and are serious about helping them accomplish their life and career goals. Contact us today at



Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy