A Jeweler Growing Her Community through Creating Jobs

Christella, pictured here, saw the potential of global commerce to lift her community in Haiti out of poverty. She was one of the first artisans who joined the 2nd Story Goods' training school. Now, with the business, craft, and mentorship skills she has learned, she leads jewelry making for the community, which allows her to supplement her income, participate in job creation, and help support community growth.

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2nd Story Goods is a partner of Jesus’ Economy that co-labors with Haitian men and women to create wonderful products and revitalize their community. The artisans trained by 2nd Story Goods now have sustainable incomes and are making strides to break the cyclical poverty many were born into.

It is 2nd Story Goods' vision to help people move from poverty to abundance through education, creativity, and practical life experiences.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy