Meet Blanca, a Weaver Transforming Her Community

This is Blanca. She lives in Cajolá, a small village in Guatemala. Blanca—and all of the women who make up the Mayamam Weavers cooperative—is determined to make her life better for her and her family, in spite of the circumstances working against her. In Cajolá, 94 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. This means that families often do not have access to basic necessities, and their children do not have access to education.

But the Mayamam weavers co-op is changing things for Blanca. Because of the group, she has access to practical education that allows her to provide for herself and her family. She is able to earn fair wages for her work, and this enables her to offer a more empowered future for her children.

All of the women who work with the co-op, which creates beautiful home goods with traditional Mayan patterns, receive fair pay in addition to primary school education through the sixth grade level, and access to scholarships for further education if they’re interested. Rather than leave Cajolá to find a better economy elsewhere, these women have chosen to to stay in their village and invest in their local community.

Blanca believes in the future. She believes in taking care of her family and in honoring her home.

Learn more about the Mayamam Weavers and check out some of their stunning creations.


Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy